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No More Noise Toronto

A person jokingly puts their hand to their ear to hear the traffic better.

Cities don't have to be loud. The consequences of "ignoring and accepting” noise are lost sleep, stress, and a reduced quality of life. In order to change urban noise, we are measuring and categorizing noise in the urban environment. Click here to learn about what you can do.


Text over a background image of a street full of trees turning a gold colour for the fall. The text says 'Your City. Your Vote.'

You can make a difference in the Municipal Election on October 24, 2022. Click here for a collection of short stories about the safety of our streets, complete communities, and your Councillor's voting track record. Voting in the upcoming election is the most important action you can take for the future of Toronto, and your community.


We work with people to collect data showing how people live and move in cities. We collaborate with grassroots organizations to build campaigns that advocate, through data, for a better quality of life and better life choices for everyone.